The Power Plan is what makes PowerCooking really special.

Here's how it works - you choose three main dishes, such as the ones below.

Apricot Chicken

Apricot Chicken

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

Mexican Mince

Mexican Mince

We provide you with specially designed low-prep recipes that will have you in and out of your kitchen as quickly as possible.

We provide you with a categorised shopping list and a Power Schedule which is a step-by-step guide showing you what to do and when so you will get maximum food from your minimal time in the kitchen.

The actual quantity of food you choose to prepare is up to to you:

Once you have decided on your quantities and have done your shopping – the fun begins!

You spend ONE HOUR in the kitchen PREPARING the dishes. Then leave the oven to get on with it for an hour or two while you put your feet up. When your timers go off, your beautiful dishes are ready to become...

Dinner for tonight...

Apricot Chicken with green beans and couscous

Lunch for tomorrow...

Apricot Chicken in a take-away container for lunch

Or heat and eat packages in the fridge or freezer to get you through the week with minimum effort!

Apricot Chicken packaged for freezer

Then when you don't want to cook on Monday night...

you already have Mexican Mince in your fridge to serve with rice for a quick and tasty meal such as this one.

Mexican mince with brown rice and sour cream

On a busy Tuesday night...

you can walk in the door and have this beautiful Beef Bourguignon and pasta on the table in no time.

Beef Bourguignon on pasta

Then, on Wednesday...

throw your Mexican Mince on corn chips and have tasty nachos – Ole!

Mexican mince on Nachos with guacamole, sour cream and salsa

As your dishes will only keep in the fridge for a couple of days, you can

choose something delicious from your freezer for Thursday night...

how does scrumptious Apricot chicken on pasta sprinkled with shavings of parmesan sound?

Apricot Chicken with Shaved Parmesan and pasta

The fantastic part of PowerCooking is that the bulk of the work and all of the thought is already done so you won't have the stress of worrying about and cooking dinner EVERY night.

PowerCooking is also perfect for 'lazy lunches' if that is a problem area for you.

Here is Thursday's lunch ready to go...

made on Sunday then defrosted in the fridge overnight on Wednesday.

Beef Bourgninoun and a bread roll for lunch

And here is Friday's lunch.

Mexican Mince on rice for lunch

Even better, once you have done a few Power Hours and built up a stash of meals in your freezer, you will have an even larger variety to choose something different from for lunch every day.

One day you can have Honey Mustard Pork...

Honey Mustard Pork with a bread roll for lunch.

Another you could have Lemon Lamb and Rosemary...

Lemon Lamb and Rosemary with couscous and parsley

Or, one of my kids' favourites, Asian-style Beef, perfect for lunch at school.

Asian beef with brown rice and snow peas for lunch.

The Power of PowerCooking is its flexibility.

We understand you don't want to have to spend hours in the kitchen so we have modified and re-designed everyone's favourite dishes so you won't have to!