How to add extra vegies to your meal

Here’s a surprisingly easy way to add a burst of freshness and flavour to your frozen meals… in just a matter of seconds!

One shortcoming of many frozen meals is the lack of vegetables. Or, if there are vegetables present, by the time you defrost and reheat them they’re usually limp, colourless and tasteless! Power Cooking is all about taste and simplicity, and frozen meals are no exception.

It’s all a matter of timing!

The solution is to add your vegies when you are reheating. It's going to take a couple of minutes for your defrosted serve to reheat, so by popping your vegies on your plate, or stirring them through your sauce and meat, they'll be lightly cooked by the time your dish has reheated. You’d be amazed at how tender and juicy they turn out. And because they’re not overcooked, they’ll still be loaded with lots of health-giving vitamins!

The following vegetables taste terrific raw or lightly cooked so stick to these:

It only takes seconds to trim some beans or cut up a zucchini so you can do it while your dish is defrosting.

beef with vegies

Kate threw these extra vegies on the plate with her defrosted Asian-style beef and noodles, gave them two minutes in the microwave and voila!