Get those timers ready!

With PowerCooking, there's a lot going on in your kitchen at once, and you're going to need to have some timing devices on hand to help you.

As a minimum, you are going to need three timing devices. These may include:

Kate has also been known to stick a post-it-note or two on the front of the oven with the name of the dish, plus the start and finish times.

If you feel you need a back up plan, grab a piece of paper and jot down a start, check and finish time for each dish so you can double check later on.

What timer should I use when?

Oven timers and stop watches are ideal for for quick cooking jobs like rice, pasta, soup, mince etc. Just keep resetting for the different jobs over the hour.

Alarms are perfect for longer cook dishes. It may surprise you to know that within the clock settings on most smart phones you can set multiple alarms and name them! That means you can preset one alarm called 'Beef' (to go off in 2 hours) and another named 'Chicken' (to go off in 1.5 hours). When the alarm goes, the word will flash up on your screen - Beef - and you'll be able to quickly move on to the next step - no fuss and no confusion! Have a quick explore on your phone and see what it's capable of.

Practice makes perfect

You may be thinking you are going to be totally overwhelmed with timers buzzing left, right and centre, but after you've made a Power Plan a couple of times you'll find you're so used to the flow of things you'll hardly notice.