How to set your oven temperature to 'moderate'

The aim of Power Cooking is to get you cooking multiple dishes at once. So, to make this as easy as possible, most of our dishes cook in a moderate oven.

Oven temperatures

Regardless of how fancy or otherwise your oven may be, they all operate on roughly the same temperature scale:

Make 'moderate' match our recipes

The moderate range is 160-180°C but every oven is a little different. Fan-forced ovens distribute heat more evenly and therefore can often be set slightly lower.

It doesn't really matter what exact temperature 'moderate' is in your oven, you just need to find the 'moderate' that works accurately with our recipes. Being confident that your cooking times are accurate will take a lot of the guess work out and minimise effort when Power Cooking.

Setting your 'moderate' temperature

To determine what your 'moderate' setting should be, follow these steps:

  1. Start with 170°C as your 'moderate' oven.
  2. Cook a dish or two, paying particular attention to whether you feel they are cooked correctly in the time frame provided.
    • If your dishes are consistently undercooked, increase your moderate to 180°C and try a few more.
    • If your dishes are consistently overcooked, decrease your temperate to 160°C and test again.
  3. Once you find your 'happy medium' you can pretty much turn your dial to that point and forget about it forever more.

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