Kate and Fiona

The PowerCooking system is the brainchild of childhood friends Fiona Lippey and Kate Andrew. The pair’s aim was to devise a system so simple that anyone could find time to squeeze a cooking session into their week. Thanks to PowerCooking, if people don’t have the energy, or can't be bothered to cook, they now have REAL food to fall back on - not expensive rubbish food! PowerCooking is not the first time Fiona and Kate have worked together; Kate has also previously brought both her design and culinary skills to Fiona’s book, 'The $21 Challenge’.

About Fiona Lippey

The media has nicknamed her 'Australia's personal finance guru', 'Miser Extraordinaire', 'Champion of the New Frugality' and more, but whatever you want to call her, it all comes down to one thing. Fiona Lippey is a woman on a mission to help people!

She has a heart of gold and hates seeing anyone in distress. As a young mum she saw the anxiety and stress that running out of money caused many people and she decided to do something about it. She used her Industrial and Web Design skills to set up the website SimpleSavings.com.au 11 years ago and has helped hundreds of thousands of people to reduce the stress from their lives.

But, that wasn't enough. Four years ago Fiona saw that there were others that needed help, people who didn't have computers and weren't online. So she worked with Jackie Gower and the Simple Savings members to produce the best-selling budget busting book 'The $21 Challenge’ to help people who didn't have access to the internet. Now in its third reprint, ‘The $21 Challenge’ has become a kitchen bible in thousands of households around the world.

When the Challenge book came out Simple Savings was flooded with unexpected complaints from single people. They were asking ‘What about us? We want to save money too! We can’t cook in bulk or get the most out of specials like families do.’ Or could they? Fiona did some research and was amazed to discover that the average singleton could actually save a massive $100 an hour if they learned how to cook in bulk rather than buying takeaway. All they needed was the right recipes and the right system in place – and Fiona knew just who to ask. She approached fellow designer and passionate foodie Kate Andrew and together they put their heads together to create PowerCooking – a foolproof system full of delicious gourmet quality recipes that can save EVERYONE – including singles - hours of time in the kitchen, not to mention hundreds of dollars on poor quality, unhealthy food. Just like SimpleSavings.com.au, PowerCooking follows the same ethos of giving people clever ways to solve problems, save time, save money and make life easier.

Fiona lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast where she continues to run Simple Savings with husband Matt. She is earth mother to four beautiful children.

About Kate Andrew

Kate’s love affair with food goes back a long way. As a young girl, when she was asked to write a daily diary, the only thing she thought important enough to include was food - every entry was either about what she had eaten or was planning to eat! As a young child she spent hours in the kitchen on their organic farm learning from her Mum how to make duck in plum sauce, pate, homemade cheese and crusty fresh bread.

As a busy Mum of three she began modifying her favourite recipes and developing shortcuts so she could be in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible. She contributed several of her recipes, and her design skills, to Fiona’s book ‘The $21 Challenge’. When Fiona approached her about a money-saving cookbook for singles (save $100 in one hour in the kitchen) Kate thought it sounded interesting and started doing her own research.

“So many of my work colleagues and singing buddies were struggling (or should I say failing) to fit cooking into their lives. The scenario was all too familiar; early starts, long and crazy work days, hours lost commuting and no hope of a home cooked meal”. Kate could see that single people really needed help fitting good, affordable food into their busy lifestyles. So Kate set about building a system that would help busy people eat healthy, affordable nutritious food, whenever they wanted. As she says, “Despite our current obsession with cooking shows, a recipe doesn't have to come from MasterChef to be good quality, and it certainly doesn't have to take that long to prepare!”

PowerCooking is a result of two years of Kate's hard work - creating and testing recipes, and experimenting with cooking methods, cooking schedules, thousands of little frozen samples and reheating techniques. When she isn’t creating magic in her kitchen, Kate can be found glued to her computer designing art prints for her flourishing business Say It With Words or singing up a storm in the latest local music theatre production. She currently lives in regional Queensland with her husband and three children.