Do you ever wish the food would just magically appear?

Do you ever come home, look in the fridge and sigh, “What on earth am I going to eat tonight?”

Do you ever think… “Oh stuff it. I’m too tired to even think about cooking!”

You’re not alone! It is called 'Kitchen Fatigue' and we all get it!

That’s because our lifestyles have changed. We’re so busy keeping food on the table that we have run out of energy to cook it! We’re so busy doing everything that everyone demands from us that cooking is just another chore - a chore we could all do without! It’s why Australians spend $60 billion a year on eating out and buying quick-fix, rubbish food. So we decided to do something about it.

You’re about to discover the solution to serving up nutritious, affordable meals… fast! It’s called PowerCooking.

Imagine not having the pressure of cooking dinner every night - ohhh bliss! PowerCooking takes the 'what' out of "What's for dinner?" so you don't have that 5 o'clock panic as you rifle through the fridge and cupboards. No more "I'll just ring for pizza" or "I'll just pick something up on the way home" - just a quickly organised and delicious meal ready to go in a matter of minutes. Too easy!

PowerCooking will transform the way you cook. Instead of cooking every night, you’ll learn a wonderfully simple system that allows you to prepare a big pile of delicious, nutritious meals in ONE HOUR (up to 24 single serves).We will show you how to be in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible.

It will turn your kitchen into a food powerhouse!

You’ll discover how to make the most out of your oven and kitchen timers, so they do all the work while you do something else.

You’ll also learn how to pack and store all this fabulous food so you can have something easy and tasty ready to eat on the days you don't want to cook.

It sounds good but I REALLY don't like freezing and re-heating food!

We all know that frozen and re-heated meals have earned themselves a bad rep over the years. But PowerCooking is about to put an end to those days. We’ve spent countless months practicing and perfecting our specially designed PowerCooking dishes… and we promise they’ll not only taste fantastic when you first cook them, they’ll also be delicious if they’ve been stored in the fridge for a few days and simply divine after they’ve been defrosted and re-heated! That’s because PowerCooking dishes are not standard dishes - they are extra special.

So you might be thinking, “Well, what is the catch? What is it going to cost me?”

Well, because we are happy to put our money were our mouth is and we know you are going to love it, once you have tried your first Power Hour you can start testing and using this system for FREE. Once you sign-up you will get access to six scrumptious recipes that will help you create eight different Power Plans – for FREE!

You can cook each dish in three different quantities, that’s 24 different Power Plans to suit your lifestyle. If you like PowerCooking, you can then add more specially designed dishes for just $1 each to create even more Power Plans. Why buy a cookbook for $50 for a couple of meals you might try when a few dollars will buy you priceless freedom from the daily drudge. Don't just cook, PowerCook!

Because, if you don't feel like cooking tonight, you shouldn't have to!

If you would like to try PowerCooking get yourself a free login on the right.

Here's what people are saying about PowerCooking:

"Oh Fiona, it's brilliant. Each fortnight my husband asks me to organise something like this but as neither of us can organise our way out of a paper bag we fall back into old menu habits! This is JUST what I need. I nearly cried when I saw it!!!"

"I love the 'serving' function where I can choose to cook for 4 (enough for my family), 6 (dinner and the following days lunch) or 8 (eat a serve, freeze a serve)."

"This is an excellent idea. I found all the information useful and well organised. I also learned something (the storing two portions in one container tip). I know people who will love this site, including my mum who hates cooking and finds it difficult to 'throw things together' the way accomplished cooks do. I also know lots of working mums in their 40's (my age) who will love this. Two thumbs up from me."

"This website is perfect for me! Every Sunday I cook 2-4 meals for the week for our dinner and lunches. At the moment we are both a bit 'over food' and have been struggling to come up with new ideas. My husband hates the amount of time that it takes me on a Sunday and helps where he can but that doesn't always make it quicker! PowerCooking will enable us to have some different recipes and have exact quantities and processes that he can follow, with the bonus of it not taking all afternoon. I showed DH the site and he got quite excited about it. Awesome idea and we are very much looking forward to seeing and using the full site."

"It is a little bit of magic! If you had said to me ‘Even YOU, Cindy, cooker of toast and cottage pie, could cook up beef bourguignon, spag bol and beef strog in one hour’, well, I would have spat my coffee at you amidst gales of laughter! I was quietly amazed when it worked. Love it!"

"I hate thinking about what's for dinner. Now when I'm stuck for ideas I just pick a Power Plan, hit the supermarket, then make three dinners at once. It's so easy I barely have to turn my brain on at all!"

"Tuesdays are always chaos so I popped a serve in the fridge on Monday night to defrost."

"Jacob heats himself up a serve before he heads to rugby. It's a much better option than a snag in bread after the game."